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Dried Elderflower (Elderberry)

Dried Elderflower (Elderberry)
Dried Elderflower (Elderberry)
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    Do you like different types of dried herbs and want to add another of your usual assortment?

    We have a great offer for you. We present to you the unique herbal product  of dried elderflower (wood elderberry). It is grown precisely in the region of Dobrudja and thanks to the authentic drying technology it has preserved its most valuable qualities with a number of health benefits. It does not contain any dyes or preservatives and is suitable for the preparation of various types of tea, infusions and broths.

    Among its main benefits for the body are:
    • it protects against colds and flu;
    • it prevents the appearance of sore throats;
    • it treats diseases related to the respiratory system;

    Give yourself a cure from nature, which will be your faithful helper at home!

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