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Dried pitted Van Cherries - 0.2 kg. Package

Dried pitted Van Cherries - 0.2 kg. Package
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Dried pitted Van Cherries - 0.2 kg. Package
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Do you know the benefits of eating dried cherries?

Do you want to enjoy their dense and appetizing taste every day by helping your body to get the necessary tonus, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients?
You can do it in seconds thanks to a unique product - the dried pitted Van variety cherry!
Grown by authentic technology in orchards around Silistra through which drying does not take away from the fruit its useful ingredients, the cherry will become your favourite healthy dessert! The variety is extremely large, with a characteristic taste and unadulterated aroma that will captivate your senses again and again! It is suitable both for direct consumption and in combination with various types of healthy desserts, drinks and muesli.

The dried pitted Van cherry  turns the healthy and delicious into an expectedly good combination. Take advantage of it!

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