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About Us

Is it important for you to consume healthy products without preservatives? Are fruits an integral part of your table? Welcome to the vast and delicious world of Calladan - where the useful and the pleasant are always expected to be a good combination!
Who are we?
We are a family company operating in the village of Paisievo located in the heart of one of the most fertile Bulgarian regions - Dobrudja. For more than ten years we have been taking care of our orchards with care, flair and love, growing authentic native fruits with proven excellent taste and using a traditional recipe for drying them.

With us you can find a wide range of captivating flavors and aromas that you will want to try again and again and will become your favorite desserts.
Suitable both for direct consumption and combined with other products or as an additive for all kinds of cakes, homemade candies, smoothies, shakes, etc. .

With the experience we have and the ability to invest in innovative methods for the development of processes in the cultivation of our fruits, we guarantee their natural origin and the absence of any preservatives, colours and added sugar.
Among our most popular products are: prunes, cherries, apricots, apples, dried pitted prunes, dried cherries, dried apricots, a mix of dried fruits, which are available in an original gift box.

Our orchards are certified by GLOBAL G.A.P., but the proven quality of our products comes from tireless work and care for them. We pay attention to every detail - from the flower to the fruit!
In the technological process of drying we use fully tested and traditional methods which preserve all the vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids.

Our mission is to preserve the Bulgarian, unadulterated taste of Dobrudja through real, ecologically clean and useful products that bring joy, health and satisfaction to everyone.

For us, healthy nutrition is more than a trend and a necessity - it is a way of life and philosophy. Take the first step to it with Calladan!