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Dried fruit

 A mix of dried fruits - 2 kg. cardboard box
Do you want to enjoy a wide range of irresistibly delicious and healthy dried fruits?We have a great offer for you! We present a product to you that you will fall in love with imperceptibly-  Gift Box Mixed Dried Fruit . Grown in the Dobrudja region, thanks to the authentic drying technology, e..
26.85 лв.
Who said that the useful cannot be delicious? The President variety dried prune  is the equivalent of the perfect combination between a unique taste and a vitamin bomb!Thanks to its cultivation in the region of Dobrudja it has a particularly strong aroma and unique taste that you will want to t..
26.85 лв.
Are you a fan of healthy eating and consuming completely organic products?So you are on the right place! We present to your attention Dried Prunes of the Stanley Variety. This incredible fruit has all the qualities of Dobrudja production - strong aroma and dense and unadulterated taste. It is produc..
24.85 лв.
Do you know the benefits of eating dried cherries?Do you want to enjoy their dense and appetizing taste every day by helping your body to get the necessary tonus, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients?You can do it in seconds thanks to a unique product - the dried pitted Van variety cherry!Grown by..
27.85 лв.
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